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We work with all makes of both electric and acoustic guitars.

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I cannot express the joy i have playing my LP custom again. I was so worried that there was serious issues with the guitar. It sings like a horny angle. Thank you!
Bone Nut & Pro Setup, Gibson Les Paul Custom
“Guitar is now playing just superb and sounds great as well, I can’t believe the difference. Thanks for your excellent service, I will be in touch next month to arrange a date for you to have a look at my Les Paul Studio before I definitely decide whether to change it for a LP Standard or not. (the cost of a good set-up could save me a lot of money!) Thanks once again”
Pro Setup, Gibson Midtown Custom Classic
“Got my guitar back this morning. You’ve done a great job as I can’t really see where it broke. Hopefully I won’t cause anymore damage but if I do I’ll be in touch”
Neck Repair and refinish, Gibson Les Paul Standard
“I arrived home to my guitar today… I am so happy! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you have done of fixing her. I am so grateful.. and really impressed! The result is so much better than I expected and she plays beautifully still. I realise that you have put alot of extra work and time into the finishing work for me when you didnt have to and I really appreciate that, it’s obvious to me that this is a labour of love for you and that you care about the quality of your work and the instruments you are working with. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know who plays the guitar!”
Neck Repair & Refinishing, Ibanez Concord
“I used the Bass last night at a rehearsal. All I can say is WOW! The bass sounded more powerful and ‘growly’ than it had ever done, bags and bags of power. The set-up you did was phenomenal, the neck was really fast and comfortable, and the lovely low action made it so much easier to play fast runs that have felt awkward and clumsy before, especially further up the neck. It feels like you have really unlocked the guitar’s full potential! Obviously I am absolutely over the moon with what you have done, and at such a reasonable price. Thank you so much for your truly excellent service, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone who needed anything done to their beloved guitars”
Pro Setup & Electric Work, Warwick Bass
“Got the guitar back and just wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic job! really great work, reasonable price and you made the effort to drop it off after all that snow trouble. the service you provide is truly exceptional, hats off to you mate! Next time i need anything guitar related doing I will know who to call”
Full Re-Fret, Bone Nut and Pro Setup, Fender USA Stratocaster
“Guitar arrived back safe and sound, got a chance to have a play today. Not that I am any accomplished musician, as I just play for my own amusement but the Washburn is certainly much better and easier to play. The tone is great as well, previously it all sounded a bit dead but this is a massive improvement and a pleasure to play. Thanks”
Bone Nut & Saddle replacement, Washburn