12th Fret Ltd Guitar Repair

After playing and setting guitars up for many years James Collins became extremely interested in the building, repair and professional maintenance of guitars and was highly recommended The Galloup School of Lutherie in north Michigan, which is run by an excellent & well respected Luthier, Bryan Galloup, as a place to study Lutherie. Having completed the course with a great Custom Telecaster and a beautiful Custom Acoustic in December ’07 it took his understanding and enthusiasm to a new level. Upon returning from America 12th Fret Ltd was setup to offer what was so impressive in the States; offering a Professional Repair Service for guitar players of all abilities.

12th Fret has had a dedicated repair workshop up and running since March ’08 and the response has been phenomenal. We now have 3 benches and two part time staff to help handle all the work that comes through. We have covered the setup, repair and maintenance of all makes of guitars be it electric or acoustic and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 18! string and we are very privileged to always have had some fantastic guitars coming through.

In June ’10 12th Fret Ltd became an authorised Gibson Service Centre 1 of 4 in the UK which we are extremely proud to be, taking on warranty work for Gibson as well as have a great stock of original Gibson Parts and being able to source specific Gibson parts. Late Summer 2014 12th Fret were appointed to be the Guild Service covering warranty work for Guild Guitars, another great brand and range of guitars that we are delighted to be working with.

A few of the guitars that we have serviced and looked after make up some of our current and ongoing Guitar Sales stock too, a part of the business that has steadily grown, selling guitars on a commission basis. Having known the guitars history and setup etc qualifies us better to inform a potential buyer about the guitar and with a choice of amps in the workshop, the space and the time to test out the guitars in a nice environment, plus if there’s anything that doesn’t quite suit the buyer then we can have the guitar on the bench and sorted immediately.

James setup Guitar Tech Courses in 2012 and offers guitar building courses where currently upto 3 people per course will custom make a Strat or a Tele to very high standards over 3 days intensive instruction. The course aims to teach how best to assemble a bolt on neck guitar using the best components as well as obtain a greater understanding of guitars and their manufacture. We also offer a 1 day Professional guitar setup course, covering all aspects of the Pro Setup of a fixed bridge, floating bridge as well as the acoustic setup.

Over the past few years we have gained a great deal of experience in all aspects of guitar setup and repair and feel confident to be able to assess your guitar and get the best setup out of it as well as confidently tackle all major repairs and alterations. The business has really shaped into what was hoped for and the level of repeat business as well as new is always encouraging, there’s a lot more to 12th Fret now and it’s always busy, always rewarding.

We are more than happy to answer any questions via email or by telephone. If you have any concerns about the repair needed and cost, or with any questions regarding setups, custom built guitars or Guitar Tech Courses then please feel free to call or email.

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