Professional guitar setup – Info.

Once we have your guitar on the bench it is thoroughly checked out. We note the exact amount of relief in the neck using a notched straigh edge and feeler gauges, the current action height, the radius of the fretboard and the bridge saddles as well as check the electrics out. The frets are checked for eveness and wear as well as check the whole guitar out, all of which is documented on your Guitar Repair sheet. Once this is done we can then carry out the Pro Guitar Setup.

With the strings off, the fretboard is cleaned using Wood Oil soap and the finest grade wire wool which really cleans the fretboard leaving it free of any grime or dirt build up. The fretboard after looks and feels great. With a Maple board we just clean up the fretboard with some pump polish dependent on the wear etc. Then the frets are polished using fine micro mesh papers, starting from 300 grit upto 12000 grit which polishes the frets up nice & evenly.

The electrics are all cleaned with switch cleaner, body cleaned, nut cleaned, hardware cleaned, headstock & tuners then we restring. We will always string with a good and equal amount of wraps around the tuning posts for greater tuning stability and then stretch the strings in. Once upto pitch the neck relief is measured again and adjusted to suit the setup and or the guitar. With a Fender Pro Setup the relief varies from around 0.004″ to 0.012″, with a Gibson Pro Setup the relief would be about 0.006″-0.010″ but this really dependens on the type of setup you require or that we are able to achieve. The neck relief makes a huge difference to the feel of the guitar and this is judged through our experience as well as any input from the customer. Only with the neck relief accurate or comfortable can we then look at the action height. This will be adjusted to any specific height set out by the customer or we will get the action height as good as it can be for the guitar or what feels right for the guitar. With individual saddles like on a Fender Stratocaster these will be radius’d to the radius at the 17th fret which makes the guitar feel great to play across the neck. It is something that really makes a difference to the guitars setup. With the action height set we then concentrate on getting the Intonation 100% accurate.

With acoustic guitar setups the neck relief and saddle are adjusted so that the feel and playability of the guitar is at its best, the saddle can be adjusted/filed to achieve better intonation and the nut will be checked out and cleaned where necessary as well as filed to get an even radius. The fretboard and frets will be treated the same as an electric guitar setup and if necessary the guitar will be humidified to achieve the best acoustics and tone out of the guitar. Once the setting up of the neck and bridge/saddle are complete the guitar will be polished up and finished ready for collection or redelivery.

With over 1000 Pro Guitar Setups now complete we really hope that we can meet your setup requirements and certainly get the best out of your guitar. Please feel free to email or call should you have any questions about getting your guitar professionally setup.